Listening Help:

For listening to the EMP Stream, we recommend using VLC Media Player
Our stream should also work in most other popular media players like iTunes (including iPhone/iPad) and WinAmp. For Android, check out XiiaLive
Once you have installed an appropriate media player, Click Here to Listen.

Chat (IRC) Help:

If you are having trouble with (or just don't like) the web-based chat, you can get an IRC client for your computer. Some popular clients are:

To use any of these with EMP, you will need this info:
Server Name:
Port: 6667
Channel: #electronic


Stream the podcast on MixCloud: EMP Radio Podcast - MixCloud
Or add to iTunes using this link: EMP Radio Podcast - iTunes
Follow us on SoundCloud for tunes from EMP Family and EMP Label: EMP Radio - Soundcloud
EMP Official Releases can be found on BandCamp: EMP Radio - BandCamp

Streaming help:

NOTE: You will need to get the stream password from an op on IRC.

*** For best results, use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.

For users of EDCast, BUTT, Nicecast, VDJ, etc:

Server Address:
Port: 8000
Encoding: Shoutcast/MP3
Bitrate: 192k

*BUTT Config Screenshot*
*Virtual DJ Config Screenshot*
*EDCast Config Screenshot -1- -2-*

For users of Traktor or Icecast/ogg:

Server Address:
Port: 8800
Mountpoint: /trans.ogg
Mountpoint: /transnometa.ogg (Do not send Track IDs)
Encoding: Icecast/OGG
Bitrate: 128k
*Traktor Config Screenshot*